ClimeMET Awarded Platinum Eco Status

May 13, 2019

ClimeMET Awarded Platinum Eco Status

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Here at ClimeMET, we're passionate about doing what we can to help the world around us. You may have noticed our 'Eco Sale' on our website which is just one of the ways we're trying to make a difference. Our Eco Sale sells slight seconds at big discounts and has already helped us to save over 35kg of products from being sent to recycling or ultimately ending up in landfill.

We wanted a way to track our progress so have been working with the Green Business Bureau, who provide third party sustainability certification to small businesses such as ours. Working through their accreditation programme, we have been able to demonstrate the progress we've made in becoming more environmentally friendly as an organisation. Over the past year we've been making changes to our office supplies, energy usage, volunteering efforts, packaging and more to achieve our Platinum status.

How You Can Help: Sustainable Swaps

There are plenty of small eco-friendly lifestyle changes that you can make that in time, will make a big difference. Here are some of our favourites:


Perhaps the easiest change that you can make is to take reusable shopping bags with you whenever you go shopping. Canvas cotton bags in particular will last for many years and can be reused over and over again. Did you know that plastic bags are used for an average of 12 minutes, but a single plastic bag has a life expectancy of up to 1,000 years?

Investing in a reusable coffee cup and water bottle for when you’re on the go is also a great way to cut down on plastic.


When shopping for food, try to purchase fruit and vegetables without packaging or alternatively visit your local farmers market. Eating locally grown food that is in season and cutting down on red meat will also reduce your carbon footprint. Even better, try growing your own food such as carrots, peppers and tomatoes!


The fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries around the world, with fast fashion in particular promoting a throwaway and wasteful society. To avoid contributing to the fast fashion industry, shop second hand or host a clothes swap with your friends and family. Fix your clothing rather than throwing things away, or repurpose anything that is beyond repair!  Perhaps the most positive environmental change that you can make is to consume less in general.


What do you do to live a more sustainable lifestyle? We’d love to hear from you!