About us

Welcome to ClimeMET

ClimeMET is a family business. We design our weather stations and range of garden weather dials from our offices in rural Suffolk, with over 75 years of weather experience between us.

ClimeMET - a fusion of "climate" and "meteorology"

(and pronounced "Climb Met" to avoid confusion!)

Welcome to ClimeMET

ClimeMET was created by a man who loved the outdoors.

He had an inner connection with the weather and would stand on the beach in Norfolk watching the waves and the clouds roll in, as he waited for the right conditions to go sailing or windsurfing. He wanted to design a brand of weather instruments that was made for people like him, who feel this connection to the natural world around them. A brand whose products were powerful enough to record the strongest of winds and the fiercest of storms, but lightweight and stylish enough to blend into our homes, our gardens and our lives.

From tide clocks to barometers, and from rain gauges to hygrometers, we provide you with everything you need to be able to monitor the weather. Whether you have a passion for gardening or for the high seas, monitoring the weather may be crucial to your enjoyment and here at ClimeMET we aim to help you make the most of your time in the great outdoors.