Rain Gauge Mounting Shelf CM5200

  • Unique in design the ClimeMET Rain Gauge Mounting Shelf is a culmination of years of weather monitoring expertise. Designed to work with multiple styles of rain gauge the ClimeMET shelf allows weather enthusiasts to mount any of the following outdoor rain sensors:

    ClimeMET CM7015

    ClimeMET CM2-RG for CM2000

    ClimeMET CM2016-RG for CM2016

    TFA Drop Version 1

    TFA Drop Version 2

    TFA Monsoon

    The CM5200 user guide takes you through: where to locate your rain gauge and shelf, connecting your gauge to the shelf, how to affix the shelf to wood or brick and how to affix the shelf to a ClimeMET Mini or Maxi Mounting Pole Kit.

    For CM7015 users please select the CM5200-L version of our rain gauge shelf. For all other users please select the CM5200-S.

    • Manufactured from mild steel
    • Slate Grey powder coat finish
    • Compatible with: ClimeMET CM7015, CM2-RG, CM2016-RG, Technoline Mobile Alerts Rain Gauge, TFA Drop version 1 and 2 and the TFA Monsoon.
    • Designed and manufactured in Great Britain
  • Length 22cm
    Width 20.7cm
    Height 5.2cm (at highest point)
    Weight 0.5kg

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