Replacement Rain Gauge for CM7015 CM7-RG

  • The CM7-RG Rain Gauge is a full replacement part for the CM7015 Wireless Rain Gauge, comprising of the base (complete with transmitter), the rain cone, the filter and fixings.

    The CM7-RG measures rainfall and transmits this data back to your indoor console.

    • Self-emptying rain collector
    • Complete CM7-RG features filter and side tray for easy cleaning
    • Compatible with ClimeMET CM7015 Wireless Rain Gauge
  • Transmission Frequency 433 MHz
    Transmission Range Up to 100m
    Update Interval 60 seconds
    Rainfall Range 0 to 9999mm
    Rainfall Accuracy +/- 1mm
    Rainfall Resolution 0.3mm
    Dimensions 207mm x 172mm x 140mm
    Power Requirements 4 x AAA batteries

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Category: Rain

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