Wireless Rain Gauge CM7015

  • Whether it’s helping a garden to thrive or dampening a day out, there’s no avoiding the rain in our day-to-day lives – especially in Great Britain! Having a rain gauge at home is a great way to get to know your garden better.

    The new ClimeMET CM7015 Wireless Rain Gauge has been designed with convenience and reliability in mind. A robust tipping mechanism within the rain cone allows rainwater to trickle out naturally, while any small blockages that may build up over the years are easily cleared with a quick wipe of the removable side trays.

    The easy-to-use display console includes a customisable history graph that lets you view recent rainfall, temperature or humidity information with the touch of a button, while our new Sensor Search function can reset connections with all external sensors without you needing to set foot outside. You can also set a variety of custom alerts, so when the rain starts to fall you’ll be the first to know!

    Also making use of the brand new CM7 Temperature & Humidity Sensor, the CM7015 Rain Gauge can be depended upon for accurate measurements throughout frosty mornings and summer sunshine.

    A CM7-PA power supply is available separately – allowing you to keep the indoor display console powered up at all times without requiring batteries.

    The CM7015 comes complete with one CM7 Sensor and is able to receive up to eight of these in addition to the rain sensor, so the next time it’s a rainy day you can keep a step ahead.

    • Wireless indoor and outdoor temperature (°C or °F)
    • Wireless indoor and outdoor humidity
    • Records min. and max. values
    • Robust outdoor rain gauge
    • Simple pole and wall mount fixings included
    • Blue backlight and Extended Backlight mode
    • Settable temperature, humidity, rain and time alarms
    • Graph showing temperature, humidity and rainfall data
    • Can receive up to 8 CM7 Sensors (one included)
  • Transmission Frequency 433 MHz
    Transmission Range Up to 100m
    Update Interval 60 seconds
    Indoor Temperature Range 0 to 60 °C
    Outdoor Temperature Range -40 to 60 °C
    Indoor Humidity Range 10 to 99 %
    Outdoor Humidity Range 10 to 99%
    Rainfall Range 0 to 9999mm
    Temperature Accuracy +/- 1°C
    Humidity Accuracy +/- 5%
    Rainfall Accuracy +/- 1mm
    Temperature Resolution 0.1°C
    Humidity Resolution 1%
    Rainfall Resolution 0.3mm
    Outdoor Rain Gauge Dimensions 207mm x 172mm x 140mm
    Sensor Dimensions 110mm x 45mm x 20mm
    Console Dimensions 155mm x 85mm x 27mm
    Outdoor Rain Gauge Power Requirements 4 x AAA Batteries
    Sensor Power Requirements 2 x AAA Batteries
    Console Power Requirements 4 x AAA Batteries

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Category: Humidity, Rain, Temperature

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