UK Power Adaptor for CM7058 & CM7015

  • The CM7-PA is a UK power adaptor for the display console of the CM7058 Temperature & Humidity Station and the CM7015 Wireless Rain Gauge.

    Using a power adaptor with your weather station display console can not only save batteries but it can also be used simultaneously alongside batteries to ensure you have back-up power in the event of a power cut, or if you choose to unplug your weather station console to use it in a different room.

    Having a power adaptor also allows you can make better use of the 'Extended Backlight' feature on these stations. Find out more about this on page 13 of the CM7058 manual and page 16 of the CM7015 manual, both of which can be found here.

    • Enhances 'Extended Backlight' feature
    • Compatible with the CM7058 and CM7015
  • Input 240V
    Output 5.9V 500mA

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