CM3011 Soil Thermometer

  • Monitoring soil temperatures is key to ensuring that you are planting the right plants at the right time in your garden. The ClimeMET CM3011 Soil Thermometer is a strong spirit thermometer in an aluminium casing meaning that it is suitable for use in the garden as well as in your greenhouse.

    Check the temperature of your soil before planting your seedlings or during a plant's growth to give your garden the greatest chance of success.

    Top tip: purchasing two 3011 soil thermometers would enable you to simultaneously compare sun and shade soil temperature readings.

    Made in the UK.

    • Red spirit soil thermometer in aluminium case
    • Suitable for use in the garden as well as in your greenhouse
  • Length 305mm
    Measurement Range -10°C to 60°C

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Category: Temperature

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