Masons Wet and Dry Bulb Hygrometer CM3505

  • The brand new ClimeMET CM3505 Wet and Dry Bulb Hygrometer is a traditional weather watching instrument with a modern twist. Inspired by the wild flowers of the hedgerows and meadows of Great Britain, our hygrometer features a beautifully designed back plate, and comes with a comprehensive guide to hygrometric conversion. Ideal for seasoned weather watchers, as well as those new to the hobby.

    A wet and dry bulb hygrometer consists of two thermometers. The dry thermometer stands alone, whereas the wet hygrometer extends into a small water tank via a piece of hygrometer wick. Using a conversion table, the dry bulb temperature and the web bulb depression, you determine the relative humidity. The instrument serves as a fantastic learning resource for both mathematics and meteorology, and the included instructions cover everything you need to know to make the most of your instrument.

    The protective roof shields your hygrometer from falling rain, and the detachable water tank makes it straightforward to top up the water for your readings.

    The 3505 is available with either a °C or a °F scale, and you can make use of the top mounting hook to hook your hygrometer onto a fixing, or both the top and bottom mounting hooks to screw your hygrometer to a wall or fence post for additional stability.

    • Hygrometer wick included
    • Weatherproof plastic design
    • Protective roof
    • Detachable water tank for easy re-filling
    • Available in either °C or °F
    • Suitable for hook, wall and post mounting
  • Dimensions 300mm x 110mm x 34mm
    Weight 300g
    °C Thermometer Measurement Range -15 - +50°C
    °F Thermometer Measurement Range +5 - +122°F

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Category: Humidity

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