Sustainable Gardening Hack

March 29, 2024

Sustainable Gardening Hack

1 minute read

Save on seed starter trays this growing season AND help reduce waste by using what you've got at home. Here are some of our top DIY seed starter materials: newspaper cups, toilet rolls, egg cartons and our favourite, eggshells themselves! The seedlings can be planted directly into the ground as all of the materials are 100% biodegradable.

Here's a quick 'how to' for using eggshells as mini plant pots. They're also a fantastic way to add calcium and other nutrients to your soil to nourish your plants. Veg such as tomatoes and peppers particularly like extra calcium!

  • To make eggshell plant pots, save half eggshells when cooking and rinse them out.
  • Remove the membrane, and then poke a small hole for drainage in the bottom using a needle.
  • Pop them back into an egg box once dry and fill with compost.
  • Add a few seeds to each one, press down lightly with your finger, and cover with more compost.
  • Water regularly and pop on a warm sunny windowsill.
  • Once your seedlings have grown and are ready to be planted outside, lightly crush the eggshell pot first to help it biodegrade once in the soil outside.

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