Making The Most Of The Mud

January 03, 2024

Making The Most Of The Mud

2 minute read

Prolonged rain at this time of year often turns our footpaths into mud, and our inclination can be to hibernate indoors until a heavy frost firms up the ground, or the sun re-appears to dry out the worst of it. However, with a touch of creativity and the right gear, you can turn the muddiest days into memorable mini adventures for the entire family. ClimeMET is here to guide you on how to make the most of the outdoors during the UK's muddy winter days.

Seaside Escapes:

When the mud seems overwhelming, consider heading to the beach. The UK coastline offers stunning scenery even in winter. Use a ClimeMET Tide Clock to check when low tide is before venturing out. This not only guarantees a more extensive sandy playground but also provides an opportunity to explore rock pools and discover hidden treasures.

Carriers for Mini Explorers:

For parents with young children, muddy terrains can pose a challenge, especially for prams. Investing in a quality carrier could allow you to carry your little one, and open up paths and trails that you thought were a 'no go' until summer.

Paw Washers for Furry Friends:

Don't let the mud deter your four-legged companions from joining the adventure. A paw washer is ideal to keep your dog's paws clean after frolicking in the mud and is easy to pop in the boot of your car, or at the back door of your house when you head out.

There's no Such Thing as Bad Weather, Only Bad Clothing:

Dressing warmly is essential for a successful outdoor winter adventure. A ClimeMET CM7058 Desktop Weather Station allows you to see outdoor temperatures from the comfort of indoors. Layering up with the right clothing ensures you and your family stay comfortable and can fully enjoy the brisk winter air. Natural fabrics for base layers such as Merino wool help regulate body temperature.

1000 Hours Outside:

Joining a movement such as 1000 Hours Outside can give you some extra motivation to pop your wellies on and get outdoors. With an app and Facebook group, there are lots of ideas for increasing your time outside, even in bad weather.