Saving Yoghurt Pots From Landfill

September 24, 2020

Saving Yoghurt Pots From Landfill

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Our mission as a brand is to help people enjoy the great outdoors, so environmental issues are naturally very close to our heart. To ensure we're constantly re-evaluating our business practices through an ecological lens, we work with The Green Business Bureau, who take an unbiased look at how we work and rate our efforts. We're delighted to have been awarded their Platinum status for the last three years.

We also try to reduce the amount of waste associated with our product lifecycle, by ensuring that we offer as many spare parts as we possibly can, helping our customers to repair rather than replace. Plus we run an Eco Sale which has been going for several years now. This allows our customers to purchase slight seconds of our best-selling products at big discounts, meaning that products which have small dents or scratches aren't wasted.

Our latest mission was to find a way we could incorporate more recycled materials into our products themselves, starting with consumer plastics. The UK generates a whopping 2.3 metric tonnes of plastic packaging waste each year. We wanted to find a solution so that each product we made would reduce the amount of plastic packaging in the world, and this is where our Eco Mount Boards come in. Our Eco Mount Boards are made from 100% recycled materials. The recycled packaging is arranged by hand before being pressed, so each mount board is different.

Our 'Eclipse' Eco Mount Board has a black, translucent finish with flecks of silver, reminiscent of a star-studded night, and achieved by the recycled plastic packaging (such as black plant pots) that has been re-purposed to create it.

Our 'Nova' Eco Mount Board has a white, marble-like finish with flecks of gold and silver, achieved by the recycled yoghurt pots that have been re-purposed to create it.

Both of our Eco Mount Boards can be customised with any two of our mini weather dials, and can be personalised with a name, date or message to create a truly unique gift.