Packaging Inspired by Nature

January 09, 2020

Packaging Inspired by Nature

The inspiration behind the packaging for the new ClimeMET weather station range

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We have recently announced the arrival of our brand new ClimeMET CM7058 Temperature & Humidity Station and our CM7015 Wireless Rain Gauge. After a lot of careful planning and design, we are very excited to share this range of weather instruments with our customers. Up to eight Temperature & Humidity Sensors can be used alongside both stations; allowing you to create your own home weather network.

The range features a brand-new packaging design which was inspired by our eco-friendly journey here at ClimeMET. We chose brown Kraft boxes to package our products in, as they are 100% recyclable and naturally biodegrade. We felt that selling our products in as natural packaging as possible was an important step to being more environmentally friendly within our production process. Kraft card does not undergo a bleaching process, making it a more sustainable option compared to traditional white card.

The main inspiration for the design of both the CM7058 and CM7015 boxes came from the Suffolk countryside that surrounds ClimeMET HQ. We are lucky enough to have an abundance of wild flowers in the spring and summer on our doorstep, attracting both bees and butterflies.

To begin the design process, we noted down that we wanted the designs to be hand-drawn, outdoorsy, simplistic and to include pops of colour. We also knew that we wanted to include bees and butterflies in our designs, to highlight the importance of these pollinating creatures. The decision was then made to have a meadow of wild flowers wrapping around the base of both of the boxes to share the views that we enjoy with our customers.

The first design draft included illustrations of weather-related scenes, such as clouds and raindrops for the CM7015 Wireless Rain Gauge. After some thought, we decided to keep the design more minimal and have the main focus on the grass, flowers and illustrations of the products.

Both of the boxes were designed utilising a similar theme and style for continuity purposes, and to fit in with our brand image. There are, however, subtle differences that make each box unique. The CM7015 Wireless Rain Gauge for example features a dragonfly in the design which is an insect closely associated with water, whereas the CM7058 includes a butterfly. You can see how the designs evolved to create what we have today!

Each station comes with a free Sensor Channel ID card, enabling you to keep track of the network of temperature and humidity sensors around your home and garden. The design of this card continues the theme of both of the CM7058 and CM7015 boxes. It has also been printed on 100% recycled natural brown Kraft paper.

Our new range of weather stations also includes replaceable spare parts for the wireless rain gauge. Ensuring that our products have spare parts is important to us at ClimeMET as it will help to reduce waste in years to come. This encourages a cradle to cradle closed loop system, rather than simply disposing of an item that has the potential to be fixed. The labels for the boxes have also been printed on 100% recycled Kraft labels, which are biodegradable and cruelty-free.

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